Question: How will I handle the Live Scouting duty? Would I have to use a PDA or a regular mobile phone?

Answer: You can use a standard mobile phone for the so-called basic coverage. We have additionally a system of coverage via our inhouse mobile application for Android and IOS, and our software for Advanced coverage via Windows PC or Laptop.


Question: If I am interested by a supervisor position for a certain region, will I have to provide (with my scouts) full coverage of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd soccer leagues? Or just try to cover as much games as possible?

Answer: As a supervisor you will help us recruiting and organizing a scout network in certain regions to be able to cover as much games as possible. Please keep in mind that we will never guarantee an exclusive coverage, we always need two sources for each match.


Question: If I provide the list of events (teams) I can attend will I get the confirmation that these are the ones you’re interested in?

Answer: We need the team names only for administrative reasons. You will not get any confirmation that you have to cover all matches from one scout. We have more than just 1 scout in one region. So we always try to allocate the matches to the best scout.


Question: Do I have to be on the phone during the whole match?

Answer: You will receive a call about 15 minutes before the match, and yes indeed, you’ll have to stay online during the whole match.


Question: My calls are getting always interrupted at same time during coverage. Is this a system bug?

Answer: The call cut is due to your telephone operator. It is a totally usual procedure that phone operators are cutting calls after a while. The time frame depends on the operator him-self. Some cut after 60 minutes and others after 70. To avoid this you should disconnect yourself at halftime and wait for the system calling you again. This will avoid the disconnec-tions during the match. The system calls you automated again and again at any interruption until you set the match to end.


Question: When I give the weather information to the system; I use 1, 2 and 3 – one for good, two for medium and three for bad. Do you have any suggestions what a medium weather is, rain, wind, snow…?

Answer: Cloudy


Question: When a player scores a goal because the ball touched his body… How do you describe such goals?

Answer: The goal is a goal by shot.


Question: Home Team is attacking, and there’s a shot outside the area; the goalkeeper get the ball (so the player failed his goal attempt) but a defender (from the away team) is having the ball but still in the dangerous area … Could you tell me when do I have to press “Ball Safe” ? When the forward fails the shot? Or should I wait until the ball goes with the defender outside of the danger area?

Answer: We need you to press “attack” when the attacking team enters the “yellow zone” with the ball. Regardless the fact if they shot or not. You have to press safe when:

  • The attacking team stops attack and turn back into the “safe zone”
  • The attacking team tries an attempt and misses
  • When the goal keeper safes the ball


Question: Home Team is attacking, and there’s a shot outside the area; the goalkeeper get the ball, pass it to one of his team mates, but he loses the ball and a player from the home team attacks again; Should I first press “Ball Safe” when the goalkeeper hits the ball and press “1” again because there is another attack? Or should I NOT press “Ball Safe” and keep the action of “1” because the attack is still remaining?

Answer: Do not press “Ball Safe”. But enter another “attack” (1) for the home team.


Question: If during the match, there are 3 consecutive corners (back to back, ball stays in the dangerous zone), should I press “Ball Safe” in between each of them?

Answer: No need to press “Ball Safe” between the corners.


Question: If the penalty is missed and rebound goal what should we press? Is there an automated function to set the match OPEN?

Answer: No. The match won’t be set to OPEN automatically when penalty is missed. Only a scored penalty is generating an automated match start. For a rebound you have to enter goal after penalty is missed (0).